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Junior Cloud Engineer

Rome, Lazio, Italy

Job description

About this Job

Type of job: Full-time

Experience level: Junior

Role: Junior Cloud Engineer

Company Size: 20 - 50 people

Salary range: € 26.000 - € 35.000

Job location: Rome 

Language: italian

About us

Here at moveax, we have the ambition to be regarded as the best possible partner for any business that seeks help in facing the daily challenges of the tech world. We are proud to be the right people to interact with in the field of software development, cybersecurity, blockchain and DLT.

We believe our main competitive advantage is having a team made of young talents who have a strong passion for technology. We treat every project for our customers with the same care we have for our own projects and we constantly try to improve our processes to achieve the best possible results.

We are based in Rome, we love working side by side but we are also open for remote collaborations. Our working activity is not properly time-based as we rather focus on achieving the goals we committed to.

Our team

The following is a description of an average member of our team:

  • driven by great passion for technology: the ones who love their job perform better with less effort
  • open source and stackoverflow contributor: it's nice to take but it's also necessary to give something back to the community
  • knowledge cruncher, the world runs fast and you have to stay up to date, read a lot and learn from those who have already faced a problem before you is definitely the right path to take
  • passionate about the UNIX-like world, what's better than knowing what's happening in your pc?
  • beer lover, it helps to think better :)

Job Description

Looking for a smart person who is strongly result oriented and able to achieve it analytically.
This role requires a person who has development skills and chooses to focus their energy on building an automated, self healing and scalable infrastructure. You will work on site reliability, design new system architectures and maintain existing infrastructure. You will also be responsible for the maintenance and improvement of our CI/CD pipelines.

Your work would be:

  • Automate & optimize application availability, scalability, performance, monitoring, and alerting.
  • Design and implement Cloud infrastructures based on stakeholder requirements
  • Produce detailed technical specification of Cloud infrastructure
  • Invest on automation of process in order to improve the scalability and availability of application platform
  • Help ensure the team continues to evolve and improve in everything we do, and how we do it
  • Ensure process repeatability, track/document any changes to infrastructure, assist development teams during deployment/downtime activities
  • Design and develop Disaster Recovery solution based on stakeholder requirements
  • Perform root cause analysis for production errors and write post-mortem document and technical report of incidents and infrastructure issue
  • Promote DevOps culture inside the team and in the community
  • Embrace the GitOps culture whenever possible
  • Building resilient and self-scaling systems so that we can sleep through the night.

We expect our Cloud Engineers to automate everything, focusing on creating new tools and improving existing ones, reducing toil and foster innovation.

You will be expected to cooperate with developer to the organization of development environment and environment variables. Furthermore you will cooperate with software architect to improve design choice.


  • ask for a book, we'll get it
  • foosball and playstation
  • free beer on Friday
  • free coffee
  • team building travels

Our working stack

Project management

  • Issue tracking: Atlassian JIRA
  • Team communication: Slack
  • Metodology: Agile-Scrum, Domain Driven Design (DDD), Interface Driven Development (IDD)


  • Version Control
    • Software: GIT
    • Platforms: GitHub, Bitbucket
  • Frontend
    • framework: ReactJS with Redux
    • language: TypeScript
  • Backend
    • topology: multiple services
    • framework: spring boot, django, fastify, laravel
    • language: Java, Python3, TypeScript, PHP
  • Infrastructure
    • Cloud services: AWS, Azure
    • Containerization: Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift
    • Persistence: MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL
    • Events and communication: Apache Kafka
  • CI/CD
    • Bitbucket Pipeline
    • ArgoCD
  • IaC
    • Terraform
    • Ansible

Joel Test

Source control ✔️

One-step build ✔️

Daily builds ✔️

Quiet working conditions ✔️

Bug-tracking database ✔️

Best tools that money can buy ✔️

Bugs fixed before writing new code ✔️

Testers ✔️

Up-to-date schedule ✔️

Code screening ✔️

Specs ✔️

Hallway usability testing ✔️

Interview Process

We don't have particular constraint about the mode of communication, we can meet in person or digitally.

Step1 - Let's get to know each other better

The first step is to have an informal interview, we want to know who you are, what passions you have, what you've been up to and what you'd like to do in the future. At the same time it is a good opportunity to make you understand who we are and what our vision is.

A more technical chat will follow: we will go into details about your working methods and the specific knowledge of the subject for which you are applying.

Don't worry, we will not ask trick questions and we will not ask you theorems or definitions by heart, we want to understand how you think and how you approach problems, if you have a goog basic knowledge, we can build together on that.

Step2 - Let's get our hands dirty

Finally the second meeting is a technical one, we will propose you some problem to analyze together in order to understand your level of knowledge and your skills. We will also discuss about infrastructure design and reliability.

Job requirements

  • Knowledge of operating systems (Linux)
  • Experience with Containers, Docker and Kubernetes
  • Knowledge of  configuration management (eg. Ansible) and cloud automation (eg. Terraform)
  • Experience in programming language (eg. python, go)
  • Basic Knowledge in UNIX scripting and network configuration
  • Understand of web-based service scalability and reliability
  • Understanding of  CI/CD prectice

Traits we value

  • computer science or engineering degree
  • open source contributor
  • stack overflow contributor
  • experience with Amazon Web Services or Azure.